Derrida, Jacques

(born on July 15, 1930 in El Biar, Algeria / died on October 8, 2004 in Paris, France)
Jacques Derrida was a French philosopher who developed the notion of deconstruction. To deconstruct all writing, all literature, is to attempt to surpass language structure, to outwit western metaphysics and its immense influence on our world. His field of interest revolves around linguistics, literature, psychoanalysis, ontology and even ethics (with notions of charity and forgiveness, for example). During the « Genèse et structure » conference (“Genesis and Structure”), Derrida developed, for the first time, his other major idea of différance. It is a « mouvement de jeu » (“movement in the play”) which challenges authority of presence: “the signified concept is never present in itself…”. Derrida left an impressive work, including more than 80 books.


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