Nietzsche : philosophical anthropology
Trying to build the thought of Nietzsche in a system, in a logic tree in addition, is a contradiction. We found in man instincts driven by a non-linguistic strength and far from the logic : the Will to power, which would force upstream of the language, so before there is any logic as we known it. Construct a logical tree from this thought is an absurdity. However, in an educational perspective, let us try then! So now, the following tree is trying to gather leading ideas of Nietzsche. His conception of man. We begin by noting nihilism, finding by Nietzsche and many others are at the time (+ or-1850). Indeed, the birth of the industrial age, with his difficult life, his unemployment, factories where even children die, is to see that "God is dead" in the sense that Christian values are crumbling and soaring. So we give up and we took the opportunity to be a good capitalist? No,We must roll up our sleeves, deconstructed the idols and we let the artist in us, with his Great Reason, build a solid and concrete creation of new values, this time more compatible with humans, this being of instincts that we are.
Clearthoughts  -  October 24, 2014


 (C)Man is primarily a creature of instincts, so driven by the will to power.
 (P1)The superhuman is a perfect blend (mix) of instincts and reason. It is no longer a small reason (the acète) but a Great reason.
 (P2)The superhuman is a rare man, tough, amoral, free and creative. His thoughts is the embodiment of the best of guides, the Will to power.
 (P3)The surest guide. Whoever proven since man is man: the Will to power.
 (P4)We rarely see it, but this Will to power must triumph in a new type of man.
 (P5)So either we invent values and we upgraded them into idols, and that eventually one day we disown them: passive nihilism.
 (P6)Either we remain aware that our values are only ideals, to deconstruct to better build again: active nihilism.
 (P7)But if the reason is incapable of truth, except for deconstructing, then what should be our guide?
 (P8)Nihilism is the finding that the values and ideals of men are human constructions. Seeing them in idols is seeing illusions.

Logical Tree

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